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The South Georgian Bay Media Association (SGBMA) is a dynamic collective of media and film artists that fosters creativity and camaraderie within the media and film arts sector. Established in 2015, we are committed to enhancing media arts awareness and expertise through various services. These include consultation, training, education, media arts productions, and collaboration with local community hubs.

We are dedicated to providing a platform for media and film artists to connect, share ideas, and grow through artist talks, training sessions, workshops, and professional development initiatives. Our focus extends to creating collaborative media arts projects that enrich the regional arts community of South Georgian Bay.

Our initiatives feature inter-arts projects harmoniously blending theatre, music, visual arts, and dance with media and film expertise. We strongly believe in equipping our rural community with digital literacy and professional media arts training. We strive to build a thriving digital media arts community by fostering public access and awareness.

Fostering Growth

We actively support the growth and development of South Georgian Bay's Film and Television industry. By nurturing emerging talent, providing educational resources, and advocating for industry support, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and career opportunities.

Promoting Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration as a catalyst for creativity and success. SGBMA is a platform for filmmakers and industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and forge meaningful partnerships. By facilitating networking events, workshops, and project opportunities, we encourage cross-pollination of ideas and the creation of groundbreaking film and television productions.

Celebrating Artistic Excellence

We celebrate and showcase the exceptional artistic achievements within the South Georgian Bay region's Film and Television industry. Through curated film screenings, industry events, and recognition programs, we spotlight our local creative community's remarkable talent and contributions.

Providing Resources and Support

SGBMA is committed to providing valuable resources, guidance, and support to individuals and organizations in the Film and Television industry. From funding assistance and access to equipment to mentorship programs and professional development opportunities, we strive to empower our members with the tools they need to succeed.

Building Community

We are more than just an association – we are a community. SGBMA brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for the Film and Television industry. Through our events, forums, and online platforms, we foster connections, encourage knowledge sharing, and create a supportive network that fuels personal and professional growth.

IMAA Member

The South Georgian Bay Media Association is a proud member of the Independent Media Arts Alliance.

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